About Technopeer Patents & Trademarks

Technopeer Patents & Trademarks is a top tier patent agency in Tokyo, Japan, that has a confidence in obtaining patent rights especially in the field of Machinery, Electrical and electronic circuits, Controls, Electronics, Electronic devices. We also assist clients in acquisition of Trademark and Design rights. With the trust and expertise of fifty years, we always offer services that meet the demands of the times.

“Everything is for clients.” That is our principle.

We have consistently offered services optimal to each client with speed and precision. Also, we are eager to listen to and counsel our clients, so that the complex legal procedures regarding Intellectual Properties can be easily understood. Plus, so as to deal with the global business these days, we serve as your mentor of patents, trademarks and design rights strategies. With our international network of patent agencies, we swear to offer the best services imaginable.

“Everything is for clients.” That is why we exist.